Life so sweet.

Life is so sweet,
Being with someone so full of life.
Laughing and talking
Of a past that was once shocking.
Slowly getting to know
The life we suffered.
Our past of…
Sins, lust, selfishness and anger!
No longer is that true
For the feelings of being blue,
Is something we once knew!

Now we live to be full of joy,
That no one can ever destroy.
You have a wonderful charm
That does no harm.
With such a beautiful smile,
You radiate a personality so strong
Yet there’s a side that’s very frail.
I’ll always be there ‘cause
You left an impression, like a trail.
You are someone who is dear to me
And I swear,
You are the answer to my prayer.

Expressing this feeling is limited,
But being with you is so limitless.
So therefore, I say to you, Life is a sweet treat!


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Untitled on We Heart It -